Hi everyone, In October, I was able to visit Ukraine briefly for the first time since the COVID pandemic. In some senses, it was wonderful to be back, see family, and be immersed in a culture that I have long found totally fascinating. On the other hand, it was heartbreaking…
Five things to read/follow on Ukraine + one way to help
How to think about giving, lots of new ways to help, a window onto eastern Ukraine, and more
Voices of Ukrainian refugees, Mariupolis, what's the deal with Azov?, a Eurovision explainer, and more
Is this genocide?, Meduza, real Russian public opinion, Anya and Olha's art debut, and more
Dispatches from Mariupol, Novaya Gazeta's last edition, Zelensky's interview with Russian media, and more
Local organizations and initiatives I respect and trust that need your support
Donate to Ukrainian artists and zoos, dispatches from Mariupol and Mykolaiv, Kyiv in the Atlantic, Maria Pryyimachenko, and more.
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